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PRP Hair Restoration


PRP Hair Restoration

PRP Hair Restoration


What is PRP Hair Restoration?

Hair loss is a common plight for ageing people. Whether it’s genetic or post-pregnancy, noticing that you lost hair usually means that you forgot about  20 -30 % of your hair follicles.  Don’t panic.  Your doctor may decide to do blood work and pick the best possible treatment option for you.  In our clinic, we commonly use PRP ( platelet rich plasma ) to stimulate hair growth.


Instead of injecting the platelet-rich plasma into the skin of the face, it is inserted into the scalp to trigger natural hair growth. The platelet growth factors can thicken the hair shaft by increasing the blood to the hair follicles, combating the thinning of hair as we age.


On the other hand, people who have lost their hair as commonly seen in men can use PRP to stimulate natural hair growth as opposed to hair transplant methods. In similar fashion to PRP facials, the growth factors in the platelet-rich plasma injection stimulate the cells to function, resulting in new hair growth.


NOTE: Doctor may decide to combine PRP with medication  (e.g. Propecia or Minoxidil) to optimize outcomes and promote hair growth.

What to expect about Platelet-Rich Plasma sessions?

A small amount of patient blood taken with a syringe and placed into a centrifuge for about  10 minutes.  Red blood cells separate from platelet-rich plasma. Later one is injected into patients skin via different  methods  we described above


The number of PRP sessions needed vary upon are injected and desired effect. In general, at least three courses needed every 4-6 weeks with maintenance treatment every six months.

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