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AQUAGOLD® fine touch™


AQUAGOLD® fine touch™

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™

AQUAGOLD®, a highly coveted celebrity favourite, is the ultimate fountain of youth treatment. Using 20 short, thinner-than-a-hair, 24k gold plated micro-needles, it penetrates the skin with channels that allow ingredients to seep into the skin’s second layer or dermis with little discomfort and no downtime.


AQUAGOLD® is used to administer small, diffused amounts of everything from Botox to pre-procedure anesthetics. When used in conjunction with hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural skin-lubricating substance that is produced by our bodies which gives skin a dewy, youthful glow. We developed our very own, one of a kind, custom blends to deliver the most impactful results as your personalized mesotherapy solution.


AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ BRIGHT: vitamins + gluthathione + hyaluronic acid to decrease pigmentation, improve elasticity, and hydrate skin.


AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ BOOST: vitamins + hyaluronic acid + wrinkle relaxer or pore refiner to address dull complexion, pores, and lackluster skin.


AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ DELUXE: Our Ultimate Youth ELIXIR with the use of PRP (aka liquid gold), muscle relaxants, and hyalurinic acid . Our skin SUPER powerful solution for mature skin.

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